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Cross-border health and social prospective

The goal of the ProspecTsaso project is to provide training, to support research and to lead professional networks in the field of social and healthcare intervention, starting from an axis of the INTERREG POCTEFA program.
Its programming is organized around 4 specific actions:
  • Fight against discrimination and promote social inclusion.
  • Appreciating and coordinating life paths
  • Observe, analyze and accompany the transformations of public action and changes in training
  • Promoting health and preventing risks.
We are one of the partners of this project ProspecTsaso (2017/2019)
This European project concerns a cross-border area with 8 partners:
  • In Occitania: The University of Perpignan Via Domitia, the Regional Institute of Social Work of Languedoc-Roussillon, the association Joseph Sauvy, l'Institut Saint-Simon ARSEAA and ERASME Toulouse.
  • In Catalonia: The council Comarcal of the Alt Empordà, the University of Girona and the University of Barcelona.
  • This project aims to bring together employers and the training and research communities with a view to better understanding of emerging occupations, practices and situations.
On the basis of health and social problems common to our territories; This project will:
  • Reduce border effects.
  • Strengthen exchanges between professionals to meet the mobility of audiences.
  • Enabling cross-border mobility for future graduates, in order to broaden their prospects for occupational integration.
  • It makes it possible to share innovative issues and practices as well as to clarify and harmonize the systems of care for the public and emerging situations.
  • To produce knowledge necessary to accompany these transformations in the logic of an observatory supplying "cross-border virtual houses" of training, research and professional networks. "